What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a martial art designed for regular people. Not everyone is gifted with athletic qualities like speed or strength, and Wing Chun compensates for this with the smart use of Physics principles like angles and leverage. Wing Chun also develops the body's natural "Structure", which allows one to absorb tremendous amounts of incoming force from an opponent. This same Structure also generates amazing amounts of power for striking or stealing an opponent's balance.

Wing Chun (which means "Eternal Springtime") was developed around 400 years ago by the Shaolin Nun named Ng Mui. She developed the system by combining the crane and snake styles of kung fu. Ng Mui wanted to create a style of kung fu that smaller statured people could use against larger, stronger opponents. Wing Chun believes in "quality not quantity," and with this mentality in mind, there are only four forms in the system. The first three forms are empty-handed (practiced in the air), and the fourth form is the Muk Yan Jong. The Muk Yan Jong form is practiced on a training tool commonly referred to as the "Wooden Dummy." Each form teaches specific lessons, and in addition to the forms, Wing Chun uses numerous partner drills to develop good footwork, timing, and tactile sensitivity. Most importantly, though, Wing Chun trains the mind. Wing Chun develops the mind's "Intention". Intention is your mental focus, and it LEADS everything you do in real time.

For these reasons, Wing Chun is an excellent martial art for self-protection.

Ng Mui did not actually name the system. Her first student was named Yim Wing Chun. Yim Wing Chun learned the system from Ng Mui to defend herself from an overzealous suitor. After defeating the suitor, Yim Wing Chun travelled China proving that the system worked to other martial artists. Later, Yim Wing Chun did marry, and her husband, Leung Bok Chau, learned the system from her. Leung Bok Chau then named the system after Yim Wing Chun to honor her, and the system has been passed down from Sifu (teacher) to student ever since.

Lewis Wing Chun is dedicated to Sifu Lewis' teacher, Sifu Larry Greene.
Last updated August 27, 2014.